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Two more members resign from their new Somali cabinet

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Mogadishu (HOL) - Two members of the newly formed Somali cabinet have urgently announced their resignation hours after their names appeared amongst the list of the Prime Minister's new cabinet.

The mayor of Somali capital Mahmoud Ahmed Nur "TARSAN" who was appointed as the deputy minister for youth and sports became the first to publicly announce his resignation earlier on Friday morning saying that he only heard in the media he was appointed to such position.

“I didn’t know about it, the Prime Minster only announced my name without consulting me on the matter---even I don’t want to be a minister, let alone to be appointed as a deputy” the Mogadishu Mayor told the media on Friday morning.

Meanwhile, later on the day, another deputy minister in the new government said that it was not possible for his sub clan to accept what was less than a minister.

The appointed deputy minister for water and energy Abdi kafi Moalim Hassan said in a press conference here in Mogadishu on Friday that his clan was down-trodden in the new cabinet formation and that was the main reason behind his resignation.

“Such low profile cabinet position is not acceptable to my clan, so I have come to decision to rebuff the position—that is with the consent of my clan” Mr. Abdi kafi Moalim told the media in Mogadishu on Friday.

He became the second member to resign from the 55-member Somali cabinet which was announced Thursday night after very tense and lengthy discussions amongst the federal government’s top leaders.

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