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Kenya Offers More Support to Somalia

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

newsinsieKENYA will add more measures to strengthen the institutional structures of the government of Somalia, President Uhuru Kenyatta has said. Uhuru said Kenya has stood with the people of Somalia for the more than two decades they faced wars and will continue doing so.

The first of the new measures will be to help the transitional government of Somalia establish proper financial management systems, the lack of which has been an impediment for international donor support for the transitional government.

The President spoke on Saturday when he met the Prime Minister of Somalia Abdiwelli Sheikh Ahmed at State House, Nairobi. Uhuru revealed that as recently as Friday, he had discussed Somalia issues with European Union leaders who were in Nairobi for a meeting, but the EU ministers pointed out that the lack of financial management structures was an obstacle for aiding the country.

"Beginning today, our National Treasury will start supporting your government in setting up financial systems and this will help you meet all financial control standards," he said.

He said his Government would provide financial expertise and trainings to help the TFG of Somalia to establish institution that satisfy international standards.

The President also said that the opening of a Kenyan Embassy in Somalia will be fast-tracked so that it can strengthen the link between the two Governments. Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Ambassador Amina Mohamed, is coordinating the establishment of the Embassy.


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