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Lack of resources limits the potential of Kismayo fishermen

Saturday August 10, 2019

Fishermen in the town of Kismayo, in the lower Juba region of southern Somalia, are suffering from insufficient resources and still use traditional fishing gear and old fishing boats. The limitation of resources negatively affects their daily production of fish for local market.


Interview with Mohamed Abdel Mokhtar, a fisherman in Kismayo:

"All fishing boats here are very old and outdated. Look, these boats are not even equipped with modern fishing equipment, and few of them have the nets and some modern tools; however, we hope as fishermen here to make progress in our work in the fisheries sector in cooperation with all Somali fishermen to develop our fishing nets available to us."

Interview with Ahmed Nour Mohamed, a fish vendor in Kismayo :

"Every morning we come here to sell fish at Kismayo market in Jubaland and this is our business. In such a season, the sea is rough and choppy and the fish production is low; however, in other seasons, fishing is frequent, and sometimes we sell an average of 20 to 50 fish of different sizes. The fishing gear condition also affects the fishing seasons."


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