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Somali-American Imaam goes missing in the US over suspected ransom deal

Friday December 24, 2021

Columbus, OH (HOL) - A Somali-American imaam went missing from his home in the US on Wendesday , family and members of of Somali Community have said.

Sources in Columbus, Ohio said Sheikh Mohamed Hassan Adam went missing at 7pm local time and was last seen at Al Huraira mosque. Ohio hosts the second largest population of Somalis after Minneapolis in the US.

Sources close to Sheikh Mohamed Hassan confirmed HOL that imam is a victim and hostage of unknown group of gang’s, ruling out allegations he may have been picked by state authorities for terrorism accusations. State officials said they had not arrested the cleric. According to the sources, the alleged kidnappers called from the Imam's phone discussing ransom.

The kidnappers also attempted to draw money from the bank using their victim's bank cards but were rejected.

Imam Sheikh Mohamed Hassan is businessman and well known among the Somali community in Columbus, OH. The community is planning to hold press conference today around 11:30 AM to discuss the situation of Sheikh Mohamed Hassan.


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