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Disciples of Abu-Zubeyr and Robert Greene, Abetted by Bigots and Qatar Took Control of Somalia

Dr. Mohamud M Uluso
Sunday - December 19, 2021


Somalia is a blessed and beautiful country that has all the potential of becoming a peaceful, democratic, and prosperous one. Unfortunately, despite two decades of international and national efforts to build a democratic state necessary to achieve those potentials, Somalia remains the most dangerous and corrupt country in the world. The main cause behind this grim situation is bad governance. It’s particularly sad to underscore that in the past five years, Somalia went downhill under the diarchy rule (Rule by Two People) of Mohamed Abdullah Farmajo and Fahad Yassin, who are disciples of author Robert Greene and Amir Abu-Zubeyr, abetted by bigots and Qatar.

Who is Abu-Zubeyr? Abu-Zubeyr is the nom de guerre of Ahmed Aw Abdi Mohamud Godane, native of northern regions of Somalia (Somaliland), member of Al Ittihad Al Islam, who, in December 2007, became Amir (leader) of the terrorist group Harakatu-Al Shabab- Al Mujahidin “Al Shabab,” affiliated with Al Qaeda. He was killed in US air strike on September 1, 2014, and left behind a terrorist organization that perpetrates death and destruction in South-Central Somalia for 15 years. The consensus is that Al Shabab gained strength and sophistication in the last five years.  

Who is Robert Greene? He is the author of the book titled “The 48 Laws of power,” described as “psychopath’s bible” or “the bible for atheists.” The book molds a ruthless, amoral, and cunning leader whose goal in life is to get power at any cost for personal glorification and gratification.  

As an example, 19 of the 48 Laws are: 2. Never put much trust in friends, learn how to use enemies; 3. Conceal you intention; 4. Always say less than necessary; 6. Court attention at all cost; 7. Get others to do the work for you, but always take the credit; 12. Use selective honesty and generosity to disarm your victim; 14. Pose as a friend, work as a spy; 15. Crush your enemy totally; 17. Keep others in suspended terror: Cultivate an air of unpredictability; 20. Do not commit to anyone. 21. Play a sucker to catch a sucker -seem dumb than your mark. 26. Keep your hands clean; 29. Plan all the way to the end. 31. Control the options: Get others to play the cards you deal. 33. Discover each man’s thumbscrew. 40. Despise the free lunch; 42. Strike the shepherd and the sheep will scatter; 45. Preach the need for change, but never reform too much at once. 48. Assume formlessness.

A commentator of the book said, “Although gentler souls will find this book frightening, those whose moral compass is oriented solely to power will have a perfect vade mecum (guidebook kept constantly at hand).” The explanation of Law 31 states, “the best deceptions are the ones that seem to give the other person a choice: your victims feel they are in control, but are actually your puppetsForce them to make choices between the lesser of two evils, both of which serve your purpose.”

Who are the bigots who abet the disciples? They are a group of clannish sycophants and religious clerics who claim to be nationalists, anti-tribalist but they are worse than the hate-monger groups surveilled in many countries. In addition, unemployed youth, bribed to insult government critics or to spread misinformation in social media, are played on their needs to join the bigots.  

Fahad Yassin like Abu-Zubeyr is associated with Al Ittihad Al Islam. He worked for Aljazeera Arabic News Channel as reporter in Somalia. This gave him the opportunity of getting involved in the Somali politics, Al Shabab, and of being an intelligent asset to Qatar. It’s an open secret that he was the carrier of Qatar money used for vote-buying in the election of Farmajo, whom he recruited against Hassan Sheikh with whom he fell out.

Fahad vetted Prime Ministers, Ministers, high officials, and leaders of the federal member states before their appointments or elections. He became President’s Chief of Staff, Director General (Commander) of the National Intelligence Services Agency (NISA), and finally National Security Advisor to the President for building and controlling Somali political power structure and for serving first and foremost Qatar’s interests. To protect the diarchy rule, he placed trusted individuals in all nerve-centers of the government at federal and state levels, from the presidency to foreign affairs, and election teams. It’s believed that he receives substantial money from Qatar for carrying out his unpatriotic services to foreign country.   

Fahad is accused of being a “terrorist,” who uses unlawful violence and intimidation against dissents for political persecution. He was implicated in the disappearance (killing) of intelligence officer Ikram Tahlil Farah in the hands of NISA. PM Roble suspended him from NISA leadership but President Farmajo angrily rejected Roble’s decision under the false claim that NISA is under the president’s jurisdiction. After weeks of standoff, the United States intervened and sided with Farmajo and Fahad, and forced Roble to backdown and reconcile with them. US ‘s intervention stopped the investigation of the criminal case of Ikram Tahlil.

The meteoritic accession of Abu-Zubeyr to power – first in the Union of the Islamic Courts and then in Al Shabab in the south-central Somalia, where he didn’t have clan constituency has intrigued and fueled Fahad drive to dominate the Somali politics.  He adopted the stealthy and hardline character of Abu-Zubeyr, guided by the attitude of “My Way or the Highway.” For five years, he never appeared in public and responded to public complaints or query.

Many Somalis were alarmed by the sudden change of elected president Farmajo from democrat to tyrant. Two pictures of pre-2017 and post-2017 of Farmajo shooting each other for irreconcilability started circulating in the social media. Finally, it has been concluded that Farmajo is zealous disciple of Robert Greene, practicing the 48 laws of power that promote anti-Islamic and anti-democratic moral behavior. Nevertheless, the discovery has explained accurately the deception, cruelty, and lack of progress the Somali people have experienced in the last 5 years.

There is growing realization that the tiny but influential state of Qatar dominates the Somali politics because of its strategic cooperation with the United States in the global affairs, including security, countering violent extremism, and terrorism in the horn of Africa and of its substantial financial contributions to the United Nations agencies. Qatar provides 500 million dollars to the UN agencies for refugees and displaced people and 75 million dollars to the UN Office for Counter-terrorism in exchange for leverages. it hosts large US military base and represents US interests in Afghanistan. The US and international community are better advised to insulate Somalia, a fragile state, from the conflicts and competitions between Middle East and East Africa countries. 

In his book (1994), “From Barre to Aideed - Somalia: Agony of a Nation,” former Ambassador Hussein Ali Dualeh compared the day late President Mohamed Siad Barre took over the reins of power in Somalia and the day he fled from Mogadishu after 27 days of bloody uprising:

On October 21, 1969, “Jubilant crowds greeted him with green leaves, shouting: “the savior of Somalia.” “The great Leader the Somali Nation has been waiting for.” “We support you with our blood.”

On Sunday, January 27, 1991, “the whole of Mogadishu’s population visited Villa Somalia [presidential palace] … The people were jubilant. A festive holiday mood hung over the city. “We are free.”  The people shouted.We are free. The blood thirsty dictator is no more.” President Siad Barre ruled Somalia for 21 years without free and fair elections.  

Similarly, on the night of February 8, 2017, the Somali people descended to the streets to celebrate Farmajo’s election as the leader they were waiting for. The public euphoria was summed up in the slogan, “II Gee Farmajo (Take me to Farmajo).” today December 2021, eleven months after his term in office ended, Somalia is in distress. The political situation is explosive. The slogan is “Farmajo please leave us voluntarily and in peace.” But he is practicing Law 35 which says, “Master the Art of Timing,” and doing everything to stay in power unlawfully.

Last April, the Somali National Army descended in Mogadishu to evict Farmajo from the Presidential place after he illegally declared 2-year term extension. The army and opposition agreed to pull back after he renounced the term-extension and recused himself from the election process. Nevertheless, the majority of the Somali people, victims of all kinds of abuses by the federal government, wanted his immediate ousting to save Somalia from falling apart and before he applies Law 15, “Crush Your Enemy Totally.”

The diarchy rule presents the hallmarks of the authoritarian rule - personal control of the security apparatus, creation of loyalist paramilitary, control of the parliament to act as rubber stamp, control of appointments, creation of special organizations supporting the leader, control of the military promotions and purge. Therefore, popular defiance is inevitable before it’s too late.

Dr. Mohamud M Uluso
[email protected]


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