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Farmajo: The Supporter of Ethiopia Genocide
By Ibrahim Hassan Gagale
December 19, 2021


In the Forum of UN Human Rights Commission held recently in Nairobi in December 2021, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo of Somalia openly supported the genocide that Abiy Ahmed committed against his people, particularly against Tigray people, by rejecting to investigate the atrocities. Such man who supports genocide and other atrocities against civilians must be willing to commit same heinous crimes whenever he gets chance in Somalia. He follows the footsteps of the genocidal legacy of his uncle, late dictator Siad Barre.

Many leaders of Africa as well as of the world were shocked that Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo supported ethnic cleansing and worried that he could do in Somalia what his close friend, Abiy Ahmed, did in Ethiopia unless he is removed from the office he currently occupies without mandate as soon as possible.

So, Mogadishu should not let the genocidal supporter return to power because he is willing to commit the same genocide against them. Mogadishu should know that the tribal dictator, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, is callous and cruel and he is sharpening his daggers against the people inhabiting in Mogadishu and Central Regions of Somalia for hating them most for toppling his dictatorial uncle, Siad Barre. Farmajo already committed heinous crimes in Benadir, Gal-Mudug, Hir/Shabelle and South-West regions. They should bring him down before he destroys them.

Dictator Farmajo is a loyal student of the genocidal dictators in Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed, and Eritrea, Isaias Afwerki, who together founded criminal military alliance in the Horn of Africa in 2018 to dominate and subjugate the region by forming triangular dictatorships and finally handing it over to China and Russia for their own geopolitical benefits through brutal military crackdown.

Farmajo has already stolen the election to return to power but the people of Somalia, particularly Mogadishu people, will never let him return to power to give him chance to butcher them, and even remove him at gunpoint if necessary because he is not president anymore as his presidential term expired on February 8, 2021. Saving people from genocide before it happens is much more important than waiting for genocide to take place.

Ibrahim Hassan Gagale
[email protected]
Farmajo’s Dangerous Calculus: With Ethiopia and Eritrea’s Support, Stay in Power at all Costs. This false dream must be defeated to show that Somalia belongs to its people.


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