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Somalia: Time for Necessary Change
By Abdiaziz Amalo
Sunday - December 19, 2021


The Somali people live in a country on the verge of massive political upheavals. Every day, they wonder what will happen next day or hour as demonstrations can start anytime at the capitol city, which could pressure the leadership in power to kill large number of innocent citizens. Generally, violence erupts spontaneously and in response the government forces can kill and arrest people to intimidate, oppress, and force to silence.

Every night, just as people are about to head to bed, they hear and see the dreadful news everywhere on social media, which says the government got new forces and weapons that are mostly used against opponents, critics, and innocent citizens going after their daily lives, never against the cruel enemy to all Somalis, the terrorist group Al Shabab. Frighteningly, now the latest alarming news is the delivery of new lethal unmanned aerial vehicle predators (Drones), some calling new improvised explosive devices (IED) manufactured by Turkey and China most probably to use to eliminate or silence opposition personalities. Government soldiers are killing innocent civilians, young people who just completed their education after years of sacrifices and deprivation and there no accountability, compassion, and compensation towards their loved families. People are angry that unlawful government is holding on power to kill and maim daily innocent civilians without concern and remorse.

On the other hand, the Somali people as excited as they are about the political change just announced by the Council of Presidential Candidates ( CPC) supported by the majority of the people who are at the same time wonder what the change based on the formation of new transitional government will mean for them and the future of their country.

Why Transitional Council Government is necessary?

A transitional government is a system of governance - rule of law  - put in place after the government breaks down and looses legitimacy and public confidence and becomes a predatory government. The change is critically necessary to avoid public uprising and violence that could lead to civil war, massive displacement or emigration of people. The current government of Somalia has been in crisis for long time after the incumbent government has systematically trumped the rule of law, respect for human rights, and deliberately obstructed in multiple ways the timely implementation of free and fair elections in 2020.

In Somalia, a military regime was overthrown and dismantled after long years with great cost in 1991. There is no regret abut the overthrow of the last dictatorship because it has tried to change peacefully without success. Use of violence has been the ultimate necessary means to remove the dictatorship regime from the back of the Somali people.

Again, the majority of the Somali people are willing to replace the current dysfunctional, corrupt, unresponsive, dangerous government of president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo through peaceful national consultative process. The alternative could be violent confrontation and barricading at Villa Somalia entrance as has been closely seen in April 2021 after Farmajo whose legitimate mandate ended 10 months ago declared  unlawful 2 year term extension. Therefore, the establishment of transitional (interim) government is to prevent public rebellion, restore the rule of law and public confidence in government, and maintain national unity.

Other reasons needed to establish  a transitional government include to end economic collapse, disaster, war and conflict and even assassination by a foreign power suffered in the last five years.

Examples of transitional governments established in the face of state collapse abound. For example, they include the one established in Iraq, following the military invasion by the United States in 2003. Another example is the transitional government established following the overthrow of Colonel Gaddafi's regime in the African nation of Libya in 2011. These two countries had two different reasons for the change in government. Yet both Iraq and Libya each needed their own transitional governments during the period of time between the end of the  old detested ruling regime and a new one restoring respect of the rule of law and human rights.

The purpose of a transitional government is typically to make preparations for a new dispensation - political, economic, and social framework. The transitional leadership is expected to be effective and conscious of the perilous situation the country finds itself and to establish as quickly as possible a new constitution or political accord conducive to hold free and fair elections in the context of democratic system of governance. Definitely, the transitional government will ensure the security and stability throughout the nation and will guarantee that the public administration effectively delivers public goods and services to the people during the transition period. More importantly, a transitional government must secure the restoration of sense of justice, since injustice has been the hallmark of the corrupt government of Farmajo subject for immediate change.

In the past five years under the leadership of Farmajo, the Somali nation has witnessed all kinds of government violence, increased devastating loss of human lives and properties as a result of frequent Al Shabab terrorist attacks, stealing of elections in broad daylight or delayed elections for machinations, theft of public resources, misuse and abuse of national security forces, court system, abolition of separation of federal government powers and checks and balances, lack of transparency and accountability.

The public is devastated by the atrocities committed by those who are meant  to protect them, creating new problems in the daily life of citizens.

Finally, the Somali people are grateful for the overthrow of the old system. However, it’s not lost sight that there's a lot of challenges and work to do ahead to form a better government. Good people must support the change put in motion for better future for all Somali communities.

Abdiaziz Amalo
[email protected]


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