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The Noble Biological Role of Women in Society
By Ahmed Bashir
Wednesday August 24, 2022


Right to employment and education

Rights to education and employment are not just women’s rights but they are also noble human rights issues because when women do well the whole society does well. And I don’t think any reasonable person can advocate bias or unfair treatment against women. I also believe that girls have as much right to education and employment as boys.

Fortunately, today, in most countries women have the same rights under the law as men. They can work outside of the home, can vote, pursue to attain different levels of education; they can join the military, political parties, different branches of the government, or the private sector.

In most countries women are not only encouraged but are empowered to compete with men in education and employment in both traditional and non-traditional areas of study, careers and responsibilities. And it is a great achievement and long coming that women are treated fairly and equally under all circumstances, roles, and responsibilities.

Advancement in education, employment, better health and living conditions, and careers propel most women to think more of personal achievements such as education, career, money, status, and glamour than just staying home to raise kids.

And it is only fair that everyone can (men and women) get a job to earn income to make a good living. But unlike men, women have a biological clock that limits their chance to have children before a certain age. 

But when women join the workforce en masse, and forsake the chance to marry and have children, the society as a whole loses the vital role that women play in society and children’s development.

Also most of the time it is very difficult for women who are professionals but also want to have children to balance career with family life because women who are career oriented may put more effort to pursue their careers and achieve personal goals than family life. But this career oriented mindset comes at the expense of the whole society because without wives and mothers how can the society procreate kids for the next generation.

And since pursuing higher education and career development is something that requires long time to accomplish,  it can sometimes take women past the age of fertility. 

Successful women are unlikely to marry lower class men

It is also true that men need good jobs to get married and have a family while this is not necessarily a condition for women to get married because men by their very nature are willing to take the responsibility of supporting a whole family but most women would have difficult time to forever support a house-husband.

Also, men with high-paying jobs can marry women of any class of income but women with high-paying jobs are unlikely to marry men with lower income class, thus leading to a lot of highly successful women remaining single or getting married way past their child bearing age.

So as more and more women opt for careers rather than families, the inevitable negative result will be the demise of the human race as we know it because continuity of humanity depends greatly on the biological role of women in society, for without our mothers we would have not been here. So, biologically speaking, the first and foremost and the most essential biological role of women is to produce and raise children for the next generation, failure of which humanity could be wiped out in few generations. This is not to say that women cannot be educated or employed but at some point most of them have to make a decision at the right time to marry and have children.

And since no one has an everlasting fountain of youth to procreate, biologically speaking this is truer in women than men, and this age limitation becomes a challenge for women who are career oriented but also want to have kids.

Delayed marriage is just one aspect of not being able to have kids. Likewise, as women advance in their careers and their income increase, discretionary expenses also increase. This ability to have more money to spend leads to self-fulfilment, satisfaction, personal freedom, independence, and enjoyment of life without being tied to a husband or kids.

One might also argue that career oriented women who either delay marriage or may not want to marry at all, turn some men into herbivore (i.e., men becoming uninterested in sex or marriage) lifestyle, which in turn might have led some women to becoming lesbians, trannies, etc., which eventually led to gender identity confusion and the tranny movement to the extent where it has become difficult to actually define what a “Woman” is and who should be defined as “Woman”.

And in most cases the U.S. and other Western countries have discourage the use of the word Woman and any other word that is indicative of femininity such as mother, breastfeeding mother, pregnant women, is discouraged and/or removed from curriculums, medical professionals’ communication with their clients, media and public use. Instead, gender neutral words such as “we, they, them, pregnant people, lactating persons, etc” are used to replace words that show womanhood or femininity.
Needless to say biological gender denying movements created confusion and conflict within each gender as there are now tans-women and tans-men. In some cases even women who want only biological women to be defined as women shy away from saying that, lest that they violate the rights of trans people. So the question arises. What is woman? And who is woman?

Gender confusion: how do you define and identify woman?

Woman is best defined by biological traits and characteristics than by social construct. Woman is a human being born with 23 female chromosome, female genitalia and uterus, who can naturally become pregnant, and can naturally give birth to babies. “Naturally” here means without any medical intervention or operation. In other words, the best identifier of someone’s Sex/Gender is one’s own unaltered body/sex and gender at birth.

This definition withstood the test of time for as long as humans were around until recently when all of a sudden when Transgender movement challenged that definition and instead advocated a transitory definition whereby anyone can claim whatever sex/gender he/she feels to be like at any given moment. Imagine the crisis and confusion this created when heavily built inmates who were serving long term imprisonment claimed to be trans-women were transferred to women ward of the prison and impregnated some female inmates. Or when biological males who claim to be trans-women compete against females in various sports and always win the competition unfairly.

But these days, it seems that western governments, media, some medical professionals, and educational institutions have teamed up to upset the natural, biological binary gender identity by manipulating and confusing kids as young as three year olds with sex education curriculums that advance the Transgender and LBGTQ+ agenda and life styles at the expense of the vast majority of the population anywhere in the world to change society’s behaviour of what role is acceptable and what is not for the different genders.

This gender manipulation game in young peoples’ minds will eventually lead to the disintegration of certain segments of societies, the decline of population growth and eventually to the demise of the human race.

We must ask ourselves who will have kids and how would we get the next generation that should replace the old one if women prefer other women for intimacy and men do likewise?  Such practice will make worldwide population growth to decline and with it the human race to become near extinct.

By way of an example, imagine if you were born as a non-Caucasian but then you started using whitening treatment which turned you skin lighter or whiter. Would that make you a white person if you were not born as such? Similarly a medical operation to change one’s birth gender to the opposite gender, no matter how the operation and the hormones induced make that person look different than his/her birth self, the DNA makeup of the person remains the same.  You are exactly your biology.

There is a natural balance in everything in the universe and if that balance is lost, scientifically or genetically altered, or compromised then it can be existential to the whole universe.

Finally, women should have the same opportunities to pursuing education and employment, but in doing so and as important as that is, it is also important for women to be able to balance their work with a family life with kids. Because without woman there will be no kids, and without kids there will be no next generation, and without next generation there will be no humanity left on earth. And no matter how many operations one undergoes to change his or her gender or how much some people try to confuse and manipulate others about their gender, at the end of the day, everyone is his or her own biology at birth.

Men and women are biologically different but their roles in every aspect of life complement each other and that is the best way to continue our existence.

By Ahmed Bashir
[email protected]


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