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No one was charged for extrajudicial killings that took place in Mogadishu 17/12/2017

By Dahir Mohamed
Sunday - January 30, 2022


From the outset the incumbent president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo, took office in 2017, the president has shamelessly begun to misuse the power for his own interest. His ego-centrism led him to plot extrajudicial killings in less than one year. It was inconceivable for our people who have been plagued by civil war and their expectation from a new administration suddenly faded. Most, people were expecting a sudden change from the takeover of president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud into a new administration led by president Farmaajo. All of a sudden, things worsened when the new president Farmaajo, ordered extrajudicial killings in the capital Mogadishu.

 By the time he started his term in office as a president in 2017, Farmaajo seized the opportunity and ordered extrajudicial killings by demonstrating his tenacity and possessed a misguided belief and flaw where he is accused of exploiting the power.

Extrajudicial killing is the killing of a person or group of people by governmental authorities without the sanction of any judicial proceeding or legal process. These types of killings are unlawful by nature because this is against the process of legal jurisdiction in which they occur. Always extrajudicial killings target the leading politicians and sometimes socially popular figures. As soon as new president Farmaajo started his duties on office power struggle has risen between his government and opposition politicians. As I can remember president Farmaajo ordered Extrajudicial killings on the seventeen of December 2017, against one of the former presidential candidates Abdirahman Abdishakur. Our president ordered extrajudicial killing without ground of legality and this operation was carried out by the Somali National Intelligence and Security Agents. It was a typical dictatorship behaviour giving orders of the extrajudicial killing because the main target was former presidential candidate Abdirahman Abdishakur Warsame and his bodyguards. 

The case of former president, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo made it clear to see that an individual can commit a heinous crime and get away with it. I can vividly remember, in December 2017, the Chief of the National Intelligence and his comrades were ordered by federal government of Somalia to attack the home of the Politian Abdirahman Abdishakur Warsame, nicknamed Abdirahmandhere.

Within an hour, the assassination team begun their shoot to kill mission. Five Somali Army guards who were guarding the home were killed in a barbaric attack. No one has yet been arrested. When I look back and reflect on the atrocity that secret agents carried out that night, I am reminded of the behaviour of African dictators such as Mengistu Haile Mariam, Siyad Bare, Mabutu Sese Seko and others who were proud of executing their own national without justification.

The Somali National Intelligence and Security Agency comrades used RPG-7s, AK47s and other heavy weapons to kill five innocent men and Abdirahmandhere, showing no mercy during their mission. Local people watched as the attack was carried out, reminiscent of Rambo III (a Sylvester Stallone film). The vast majority of the local people were shocked at such a brutal act—deadly shooting on their doorstep—and none dared to speak out against this act of horror.

It is hard to believe that this could happen in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia. Everyone in that area was terrified by the cruel shoot out and afraid that they might be the next target until the operation was accomplished. Let me say this, the extrajudicial killing that took place in Mogadishu,2017 was unlawful because orders were given by our president.

Firstly, Outside the authority of the court”

“Secondly, Outside of the normal judicial proceeding”

I believe this type of operation carried out by the Somali intelligence and security members were outside the authority of the court and they did not have court orders or warrant. As far as I know when this killing occurs without the authority of the court, it is known as extrajudicial killing and our president Farmaajo deliberately ordered without fear of our constitution laws or our law.

Thus, this type of killing is a violation against democracy and the human rights act. The orders given by our president Farmaajo to the national intelligence service to carry out extrajudicial killing was a deliberate violation of human rights and freedom of speech for our society. Usually, civil court has the authority to give an order for execution with rules and it is the highest authority of our land. While president Farmaajo believes that extrajudicial killing can solve problems for his government, in reality, it only encourages more lawlessness, civil unrest and aggravates more violence in our country.

The next day, all government news outlets were reporting that Abdirahman Abdishakur Warsame had committed treason against his government. Over the past four years until today I have not seen concrete evidence showing this to be true; if it exists, why not share with others, and the justice system? The question that immediately comes to mind, is how we in society treat someone who commits a crime. A second question is who decides if someone has committed a crime against the government, government officials or the judiciary system?

Who takes responsibility for this barbaric killing and on what legal bases can the Somali government justify shooting to kill? I truly believe that president Farmaajo will take responsibility of this specific extrajudicial killings as he was chief of the army staff in our country and any other military operations occur during his administration in office.

Finally, looking back at president Farmaajo in his term in office, his autocratic rule has flagrantly become fraudulent, in his stand of our society. His unconstitutional use of power, grab by force or fraudulent has   consequently become blatant. As his move has swiftly been expressed as outrageous and despicable act of callous.  In my understanding, Farmaajo’s   legacy is tainted by unlawful constitution breach and a total destruction of social trust where sectarian tension and hostility sentiment is in full force. In conclusion former president Mohamed Farmaajo refuses to leave the presidential office and he continues to violate our constitution. The shameless Farmaajo administration has taught our society more:

Extrajudicial killing, civil unrest, Egocentrism, Division, Fake regional election, dictatorship, corruption, attempting coup and unlawful staying in presidential office”

I believe that our society will remember Farmaajo’s unlawful stay in the presidential office and the uncontested failed coup attempt of Farmaajo against Prime Minister Roble in December 2021. I strongly believe that it is the right moment for all of society to unite and act together to prevent further Extrajudicial killings and not allow Farmaajo to prolong his unlawful stay in office for another term.

Dahir Salaad Mohamed (Rahajel)

[email protected]


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