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The successful liberation of Hiiraan without Hirshabeele Support.
by Abdiaziz Amalo
Friday September 23, 2022

The successful liberation of some cities in Hiiraan from Alshabab by a local Militias called Hawadle Macaawisleey in August provides pointers for the more challenging mission of liberating the much larger  cities in Somalia. Relatively effective coordination of Somali forces, US air power, and vital intelligence and forces from Hawadle tribes and townspeople led to the Alshabab being driven out more quickly than expected, despite the fact local militias or Macaawisleey isn’t getting any help from Somali Federal Government risked compromising the offensive, as well as attempts to secure and rebuild the town. Hiiraan was harder to take because Alshabab forces were  less likely to flee in large numbers.

Macaawisleey may be possible to make significant progress in the coming weeks if US Government help their capabilities and boost their morale and make them  emergence of resistance forces in the Hiran region providing key intelligence, as well as successful cooperation between Somali National Army and Macaawisleey .

The offensive to liberate Hiran, which began in the early June this year is far more delicate and challenging than that of any previous Alshabab -held cities because of its size.

Hirshabelle leaders – started local tribal fight in Middle Shabelle region that was politically motivated, and an outcome of the disrupt to liberate Hiiraan. On the other hand, this belief has also fuelled a continuous distrust in the Hiran region about the sincerity of the Guudlaawe and Dabageed-led government’s effort to counter Alshabab .

In light of the above, it is popularly believed in the Hiiraan that Guudlaawe’s government is somewhat behind tribal fights in order to downgrade the belief of the Hiiraanian elites are sponsoring New Hirshabelle State ; hence the concept of ‘Federal Government’s Alshabab ’. In addition, Hiranian elites also nurture the belief that the government is not sincere with efforts to tackle Alshabab especially with its military approach. They see this as a deliberate attempt to destroy the Hiran and its economy given that only innocent people are being killed by Alshabab . What they perceive as the best solution to the crisis is to arm Macaawisley local militia men, as a solution to the crisis.

The best approach to fight Alshabab as a result of ethnic and political considerations has undoubtedly continued to be an albatross in the counter-terrorism process.

Alshabab are in the executive arm of government, some of them are in the parliamentary/legislative arm of government, while some of them are even in the NISA hired by Farmaajo Government given the increasing sophistication of the attacks of the group, one cannot agree less with international security agencies that there are truly some Somalian ‘big names’ that sponsor the operations of the group. However, former and current government has yet to publicly identify and prosecute the elites in governmental circles who have direct or indirect connections with Alshabab.

This is despite the fact that some Alshabab members have mentioned some names within the circles of the Somalian elite. Besides, it is equally unclear if justice would be done on a few politicians that have been suspected for their links with Alshabab.

The counter-terrorism effort of the current government is also being downgraded by inexperienced security officials from President’s friends and former government officials . There are mounting criticisms by international community , and Somali people.

Certainly, the issue of Alshabab has continued to pose a serious security threat to Somalia and the World.

Abdiaziz Amalo
Email: [email protected]


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