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Reflecting on the Past and Preparing For the Future: Recommendations and Considerations for the Newly Elected SSC-Khaatumo Administration
By Abdirahman Abdulle
Tuesday August 8, 2023


First and foremost, I extend my heartfelt congratulations to the newly elected Central Council leader/Speaker of the Parliament of the SSC-Khaatumo Administration, Sheikh Yasin Jama. Additionally, I commend Abdulkhadir Ahmed Aw-Ali for being elected as the Executive Council/President of SSC-Khaatumo Administration and Dr. Mohamed Shiine as his Deputy/Vice President.  Over the last six months, these men have shown remarkable leadership qualities tirelessly advocating for and defending the sovereignty and rights of the people of SSC-Khaatumo. The election of Yasin Jama, Abdulkhadir Aw-Ali, and Dr. Shiine marks a significant moment in the journey towards progress, governance, and political autonomy for the SSC people. As the newly elected SSC-Khaatumo leadership embarks on this new chapter, it is vital to consider the incorporation of certain critical policies into their new administration’s priorities and initiatives.

First and foremost, defending the territorial integrity of SSC-Khaatumo land from the remnants of Somaliland regime must be a top priority for the new SSC-Khaatumo Administration. The sovereignty and territorial boundaries of the SSC-Khaatumo State are non-negotiable, and the new leadership administration must stand firm in safeguarding the land, its people and its resources from any internal or external threats.

Inclusivity stands as a cornerstone of effective governance. The newly elected SSC-Khaatumo Leadership must prioritize incorporating the voices and perspectives of all citizens, with particular attention to women and youth, who played a pivotal role in initiating the revolution to topple the Somaliland regime in the SSC region. It is crucial that all segments of society feel represented, heard, and actively involved in the political decision-making process. Emphasizing inclusive decision-making is of paramount importance in creating and maintaining a more stable and democratic society. By ensuring that everyone’s input is valued, we can build a stronger and more harmonious SSC-Khaatumo State that thrives through unity and collective effort.

Unity and cohesiveness are paramount in fostering a stable and harmonious state. It is incumbent upon the new administration to bridge divides and heal wounds from the past tribal conflicts, grievances and ideological differences that existed among various clans and groups in the SSC region. The new administration must work tirelessly to unite the people of SSC-Khaatumo under a common purpose and vision.

One of the significant challenges confronting the newly elected SSC-Khaatumo Administration is the plight of families displaced by the war in Lasanod, who are now seeking to return to their homes. Following the successful reclamation and liberation of SSC regions from the remnants of Somaliland forces, it is imperative for the SSC-Khaatumo Administration to prioritize the rehabilitation and seamless reintegration of these families into the city. A well-structured mechanism must be in place to extend a helping hand, providing the necessary support and resources for the displaced families to rebuild their lives.
Moreover, I strongly urge the new leadership to address both the immediate needs and long-term solutions for these families. I would encourage such measures to include making strategic investments in education, healthcare, employment opportunities, children and family services, and socio-economic development initiatives to restore stability and normalcy to the lives of the displaced families.
To achieve these noble objectives, collaboration with various stakeholders is essential. The recently established SSC-Khaatumo Administration must work closely with the Somali Federal Government, federal member states, regional administrations, international partners, and humanitarian organizations to achieve success.

In conclusion, defending the SSC-Khaatumo territorial dignity, embracing inclusivity, fostering unity, and rehabilitating displaced families are key components of building a stronger and more prosperous SSC-Khaatumo Administration. This journey has just begun, and we have a long path ahead of us. As elected representatives, I urge you to collaborate closely with your constituents to realize these goals and aspirations, securing a brighter future for generations to come. Together, we can shape a resilient and harmonious SSC-Khaatumo State that serves as a beacon of progress and unity in the Horn of Africa.

Abdirahman Abdulle, (E.d.D),
Executive Director & Principal,
Skyline Math & Science Academy,
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
[email protected]


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